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With 30 years in business,


The Ward Group is one of the most tenured independent media buying firms in the Southwest.  Since 1985, media planning and buying has been our core compentency and sole focus.  It is our passion!  Our media buying strategy begins with a very simple philosophy that we follow daily.  That is, we treat every dollar we invest as if it were our own.  In looking at your money as if it is ours, we make sure it is working as hard as possible to achieve your objectives.


At the Ward Group, we have a very goal-oriented, rigorous process for addressing clients’ communication challenges.  The planning process is thorough, disciplined and grounded in research.  The output of this process is a strategic focus and sound media executions that are relevant to the audience and revenue-generating for the brand. 


We have a superb team of professionals that is charged with producing the best possible outcomes for the brands with which we are entrusted.  It's a responsibility that we accept and enjoy.  Our goal is to create a place that people want to work with and for.  We work hard to achieve that goal every day.





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