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Our media planners and buyers have a singular focus on media; it’s all we do, and we do it with unmatched passion and excellence. We take a holistic approach to media buying, putting your campaign into the context of the entire media landscape. Since our founding in 1985, video has been one of The Ward Group’s core offerings. In the beginning, we only offered traditional, linear TV media buying options, but with the advent of the Internet and vast expansion in ways to watch video content, we’ve steadily added new video channels to our repertoire. These include all advanced TV options as well as online video.


Video can easily be the most engaging form of advertising, combining audio and visual for a unique storytelling experience. With so many channels and platforms for consuming video content, it can be accessed on every device we own at any time and anywhere. Our clients have more opportunities than ever to push their video ads in front of their ideal customers at the ideal time to influence a desired outcome. Ready to start building your media plan with video?

Traditional TV
(Cable, Broadcast, Satellite)

Online Video
(Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll & Post-Roll)

Advanced TV
(VOD, OTT, Connected TV) 


In today’s media ecosystem, TV means so much more in the consumer’s mind than the traditional screen in the living room. Linear TV still delivers an extremely large and loyal audience, driving brand awareness with each ad placement. By targeting specific geographic areas and TV programs or networks, you can minimize wasted impressions and achieve tremendous reach. Advanced TV, including streaming options through connected TV, over-the-top (OTT) and video on demand (VOD), is a great choice for targeting your audience at their preferred time and location on any device. Advanced TV also includes linear addressable TV, which allows advertisers to show different ads to different households watching the same live show through a set-top box or over the Internet. Online video is the most targeted of the video and TV media buying options. It also comes with advanced tracking and interaction analytics because most ads are clickable and can take viewers to other content on the Internet that might lead to an online purchase or other trackable actions.


When done correctly, video can deliver incredible reach to your media campaign. Every business needs to effectively get their brand in front of potential customers, but video channels vary in many ways and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s vital that we understand our clients’ objectives in order to implement a successful buying strategy. Through research of markets and media channels, analysis and budgeting, our experienced team takes our clients’ objectives to heart and makes insights and recommendations that will create the desired outcomes. If mishandled, a video ad campaign can be a drain on resources and budget; we make sure every dollar is well spent.


Through careful planning and expert negotiating, our media stewards deliver a strategy that accounts for your audience, your brand and your budget. Meet your team to get started!

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