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TikTok Advertising: It’s Here to Stay

TikTok – the new frontier. Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has blossomed from a novelty app for teenagers to share dancing videos into a media behemoth that spans across all age ranges and keeps people engaged for hours on end. With an all-powerful algorithm serving up content tailored to each and every one of its users, the same parents who were once befuddled by incessant use of the app by their children are now themselves ensnared in the TikTok web.

With great growth comes great opportunity, and it is now clear that TikTok advertising provides an option for brands to reach their target audience in an engaging fashion never available before. Although the company launched its self-serve ad platform in 2020, many brands still have not harnessed the potential contained in TikTok advertising. Nowhere else can you put your brand message in front of a highly-targeted audience with such native, engaging content.

Who Spends Time on TikTok?

Everyone. Although still primarily dominated by Gen Z, TikTok is gaining popularity among all age groups. According to Statista, as of September 2021, over 50% of TikTok’s user base is aged 30+. This is clearly no longer an app reserved for 14-year-olds. Mom and dad are spending their time with TikTok, and as we know, these are the people with money to spend.

How Much Time Do People Spend on TikTok?

A ton. Thanks to its pinpoint accurate algorithm to keep people ingrained in the app, TikTok is now the most engaging social media app. Its average session duration is 10.85 minutes, more than double that of the second ranked platform, Pinterest. People are passing hours of their day scrolling almost endlessly, staying completely engaged all the while.

What Do People Think of TikTok Ads?

It depends. TikTok content is a delicate balance of “cool” and “cringy”. If brands don’t avoid corporate cringe, TikTok users can be unforgiving. On the flipside, when executed in a natural way that fits the casual format of the platform, people can be receptive to TikTok ads, and they can even influence purchase decisions. According to TikTok, its users are 1.4x likely to buy a product or brand they find on TikTok than another platform.

TikTok Stewards

The time is now for brands to consider the potential of the TikTok trend. It’s still new, novel and provides opportunity to stand out in front of target audiences and create separation from the competition. Our media stewards can help you get started on TikTok advertising and keep your brand clear of corporate cringe.

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