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Chronicles of the Media Intern

Internships, a required stepping stone for any bright-eyed student wanting to enter into a new industry. Every college professor reveals the necessity of experience through internships in order to secure a place within an industry. The education is what you receive in the classroom, and the internship is where you put that education into practice.

Finding an internship is not an easy task, especially for the first time. At the University of North Texas, media buying and planning is not a highly sought after degree path. However, showing interest in media and being determined to get my foot in the door, I applied to every strategic media services internship I could find. Lucky for me, I came across The Ward Group.

Going into the internship, I only knew of the stereotypical work interns are expected to do such as running for coffee or making copies. Fortunately for me, the work has been far from that. To my advantage, the expectations are high and the work is challenging. As the current source of my education into how the business works, I am required to be like a sponge, taking in every bit of information I can.

The design of the agency allows interns to interact with multiple departments with ease. The unique layout allows me to see the campaign from start to finish. From locating a potential client, to sending out invoices, understanding each individual process in creating a media campaign exemplifies the importance of having a well-functioning team. The welcoming atmosphere at The Ward Group has been a perfect training ground for me as I try to gain an understanding of the industry, and I'm getting exposure to every aspect of the business from media planning to accounting.

The Ward Group is comprised of a great team of professionals, and each member is passionate about strategic media services. The enthusiasm is evident from the interactions with clients to the staff meetings every Friday morning. Media stewardship, being morally responsible with resources provided by the client, is a fitting term to describe The Ward Group. It is not only a job; it is a passion.

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