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Real-Time Radio Advertising Attribution

Radio Advertising Attribution

How effective is radio as an advertising channel? We all know about the benefits of including radio in a media plan - mass reach, demographic targeting, etc. The question remains, however, when can we be certain we’ve reached our target demographic or if that audience took any action after being exposed to the messaging? Attribution has long been a point of question in the radio space, but recently The Ward Group had the opportunity to put some new technology to the test in an effort to tie a radio buy to actual in-store traffic.

Dial Report is an attribution platform that provides real-time insights on the impact radio has on an advertiser’s marketing goals. It utilizes user data from NextRadio, a mobile app that gives users access to FM radio stations throughout the country, to measure over 250 demographic, behavioral, and listening data points in real-time for terrestrial stations. It provides advertisers with campaign performance and audience info such as:

  • Campaign Details: Days, formats, markets and creative that performed best

  • Demographic Profiles & Behaviors: Age, ethnicity, income, education & gender; homeowners, auto owners, etc.

  • Consumer Actions: Reach and in-store visits

How Does It Work?

The NextRadio app is powered by TagStation, a cloud-based data system which provides user data such as listener interactivity for spots and promos. It tracks when a user opens the app and is listening (even when the app is minimized) and will record the user’s location every two minutes as long as the user approves location permissions. TagStation also tracks listener behavior such as time spent listening (TSL), listening sessions, favorites and likes. It collects the Google and Apple Ad IDs and matches it to device ID or home location. All this data is loaded on the Dial Report daily and is delivered through an online dashboard for campaign management. In addition, if you are able to provide ISCI codes, it will allow the ability to extend the commercial metadata for even better analyzing of your campaign.

What radio stations are included in the Dial Report? All FM stations are available. The fully-licensed stations within TagStation will have full data including demographics while non-participating stations will have limited data. Since streams are sold as separate inventory, campaign streaming data needs further validation before it is included.


Our client had a goal to optimize their radio spend to drive in-store traffic. We collaborated to run a four-week campaign, and through the information obtained through Dial Report we were able to attribute a percentage of in-store visits to our radio buy, as well as obtain additional insights about the target audience.

With this new method of radio attribution, we are able to prove the value our clients are getting by including radio buys in their media plan. As an innovative and forward-thinking media buying and planning agency, we are always looking for new methods to drive the highest value for our clients. Located in Frisco, Texas, The Ward Group has provided superior marketing services leadership in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, throughout the Southwestern United States and nationally since 1985.

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