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Media Mix

Put on your chef hat and join us as we delve into the art of crafting a delectable media plan. Far too often, we encounter brands that believe that relying on a single media channel is sufficient to drive their business. They may think that launching an isolated Facebook campaign, running a lone radio buy, or securing ads in a single newspaper will do the trick. Alas, for most brands, this simply is not the case. Just like a comforting bowl of soup, a successful media campaign necessitates a thoughtfully composed recipe, blending various ingredients into a harmonious whole.

Let's start with the foundation, the base of our soup. In foodie circles this can include a vegetable, chicken, or beef base. Similarly, a prosperous media plan requires a core component that lays the groundwork for our objectives. In the realm of media buying, this core revolves around mass awareness. We must identify a media vehicle capable of permeating the market, captivating a vast number of eyeballs and/or ears with our brand message. Traditional mediums such as terrestrial radio, linear TV, and billboard advertising can fulfill this role. Without this foundational element, the other ingredients lose their sizzle. This is the base that unites all the components, transforming them into a cohesive mixture.

Next, it's time to incorporate the other essential ingredients. Just as noodles, chicken, and vegetables form the heart of chicken noodle soup, the best media plans call for supplementary ingredients to enhance the structure of our base. This is where we turn to channels that bolster brand awareness and give shape to our recipe. Streaming audio, connected TV (CTV), paid search, and paid social media all serve as fantastic go-to ingredients for a winning media plan. When combined with our base, these elements create a solid concoction that resonates with our target audience to encourage them along the path to purchase.

However, our culinary adventure doesn't end here. We still need to infuse our creation with flavor. Much like salt, pepper, and an array of spices enhance a soup's taste, media planning requires additional elements to add zest to our recipe. In this context, we can turn to retargeting, display advertising, and online video to spice up our campaign. While the base and core ingredients are essential, the added flavor can make or break your recipe. Neglecting these components can be perilous for your marketing endeavors, leaving campaigns bland and lacking results.

Remember, a media mix akin to a well-crafted soup recipe ensures that your brand message reaches a wide audience, captures attention, and leaves a lasting impact. So, embrace the diverse array of media channels available to you, blend them together thoughtfully, and savor the delicious results. And if you need a little help with our culinary game, our Media Stewards know their way around the media kitchen and have some stellar recipes to put into action.

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