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Media Buying Resolutions for a New Year

A new decade is about to begin, and if the trends we see developing are any indication, the 2020s are going to be...interesting, especially for those in the media industry. So, how should our fellow media buyers, advertisers, marketers and media impresarios prepare for the coming trials?

Do Some Target Practice

Consumers are already remarkably talented at tuning out generic ads that don’t relate to them. In order to make judicious use of your media budget, you’ll see benefits by adopting much more targeted media buying tactics to reach a narrower, but more attentive, audience.

In a survey of 1,100 people from Adweek, 90% of respondents found personalization appealing, and 80% reported that they’d be more likely to give their business to a brand that delivered a personalized experience.

Luckily for advertisers, the data and technology options to help reach any target audience are more abundant and accessible than ever before. Everything from the times of the day they’re most likely to check their email to their taste in music is actionable with a little research and strategic planning.

Invasion of the Robots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - and its close sibling, machine learning - has the potential to enhance every aspect of media and advertising, all while helping you manage your spending more efficiently.

AI has been used to better understand consumers by tracking and analyzing conversations online around a specific keyword phrase or brand name. It even helps you perform competitor research in a similar way, analyzing their customers’ experiences and understanding their pain points. AI is most successful with programmatic advertising, though. Smart bidding in Google Ads uses machine learning to optimize your bids, and updates are strengthening the platform.

If you haven’t already witnessed the robot invasion of the media industry firsthand, you likely will in the next several years. AI and machine learning can be your allies, helping you wherever big data has you stymied. Embrace the robots. They’re your friends.

Put it on the Gram

If you take advantage of social media outreach tactics in your marketing, hopefully you’re already on Instagram - but if not, you should be. Among your digital advertising options, Instagram is projected to keep growing in 2020 in the US, outpacing its parent company Facebook.

According to Edison Research and Triton Digital’s 2018 Infinite Dial Study (2019 statistics aren’t available yet), Facebook usage has begun to decline while Instagram usage has been steadily increasing. We can expect to see Instagram’s increased dominance in 2020.

Luckily for digital advertisers and media buyers, you have plenty of options when it comes to posting brand content on Instagram. You can use Photo Ads, Video Ads, Stories Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads or Promoted Ads. Stories Ads are particularly well-integrated into the user experience on Instagram compared to Stories on, say, Facebook.

Make a Resolution that Sticks

Come January 2020, when you’re trying to decide where you want to impart change in your business and your life, dedicate yourself to a resolution that will have a far-reaching impact. Create a durable media plan for the new year that can balance your objectives with your budget.

Your media stewards at The Ward Group have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in media and advertising. To start planning for 2020, contact us today and make a New Year’s Resolution that helps your business succeed.

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