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Moving the Needle

Challenge: The Ward Group was tasked by a local franchisee for a well-known international moving company to structure and execute a four-week Facebook advertising test to drive leads in their local market and gauge the impact of paid social media advertising for future investment. We maximized a narrow campaign budget which had provided little room for a/b testing or active campaign optimization. Campaign performance would ultimately depend upon the strategy to structure the campaign which would give the highest likelihood of driving website leads within the budget parameters and brief campaign duration.

Action: The Ward Group initiated the process for this local franchisee and the corporate home office to discuss ways for allowing access to the corporate Facebook pixel from a local franchise level. This agreement supported enhanced targeting capabilities for a campaign with a full-fledged lookalike audience strategy using Facebook’s lookalike targeting capabilities and Campaign Budget Optimization feature. Additionally, the campaign was geo-targeted to zip codes encompassing the client’s service area. The Ward Group also gave recommendations to the client on creative content tailored to direct-response and lead generation.

Results: Website leads, in the form of free quotes, was the key performance indicator. The user is required to complete a 15-step process to receive a free quote from the client. The Facebook pixel tracks quote completions when the user completes the full process. Over the four-week period of the campaign, The Ward Group drove 26 website leads in the form of an online form fill. Additionally, the client’s corporate office has a conversion value assigned to website leads that allowed us to track the return on ad spend (ROAS). Based on this conversion value, we were able to determine that the Facebook test drove a 1.13 ROAS for the client. Actual revenue-based ROAS was higher but remains confidential.

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