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Landing Page Optimization Techniques for Increasing Lead Generation

Tips on Landing Page Optimization for Lead Generation

As digital media buyers, we strive to construct carefully crafted digital strategies to get the most return out of your digital advertising budget. This includes choosing and planning the right mediums, setting up campaigns with care, and testing creative and audiences. Shocker—it also entails more active campaign management behind the scenes. We exhaust all the tools at our disposal to drive the highest level of performance for our clients.

However, for brands looking to generate leads with their paid digital media campaigns, the work doesn’t stop there. Your website has just as much to do with the performance of your digital campaigns as the campaigns themselves. Today, we’ll be sharing some tips on landing page optimization (LPO) for lead generation. We’ve got your back!

Why LPO Matters

Let’s use a quick analogy. Think of your website as the online storefront for your business. When you visit a shopping mall or any other brick-and-mortar store, the entrances of shops and stores are designed to be enticing to draw you in. Otherwise, you’ll keep going on your merry way, failing to give it a second thought. That’s no bueno. Let’s say, however, that you do enter a store. Once you walk in, the interior is designed in a way that guides you in a particular direction. Maybe you’re led down a specific path, or maybe you’re guided to an area with special discounts. Maybe you’re met with a salesperson who offers to take down your information for a free sample. The most successful businesses have it set up this way, at least. If you walk into a store that’s not very organized or lacks clear direction, you may lose interest quickly and turn toward businesses who are better ready to serve your needs.

The same can be said for your online storefront: your website. When users are shopping around the “virtual mall” (aka, the internet), they’re presented with countless options to choose from in terms of businesses and brands – many more options than they would ever be faced with in person. Moreover, there are a multitude of businesses competing for the attention of the same person simultaneously — including your “store.” Therefore, it is extremely important to make your digital storefront as attractive, functional and helpful as possible. The alternative is too costly to consider for brands trying to grow their business with digital advertising.

Our Tips

While we at The Ward Group are purely media buyers, not web developers, we have a few tips and words of advice on some ways you can optimize your landing pages for lead generation. Throughout our 37 years of existence, we have seen all types of websites and landing pages. Typically, the ones that include the landing page features we mention below have superior performance from their lead generation campaigns.

Above the Fold

Aim to have the most pertinent information above the fold—in other words, captivate your users before they have to scroll down to consume the details you want them to read. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for users to complete your desired action. If you force someone to scroll down before encountering your lead form, chances are, they’ll never see it.

Optimized for Mobile…FIRST

The majority of users will be accessing your website on their smartphones. Therefore, it’s a best practice to set up your website to be mobile-first. Images, videos, text and other similar content should be formatted for mobile, mobile page load speeds should be considered, and forms should be mobile-friendly (flip-phone advocates and desktop champions everywhere are shaking their heads). It’s understandable to forget this when designing a landing page, as most of that design work is happening on desktop. However, businesses who don’t have this mobile-first mindset will see their digital campaign performance suffer, and you most definitely don’t want to fall victim.

Get to the Point

When describing your product or service, aim to be as concise and crisp as possible. Try to avoid using fluffy language or making your content too long. Users coming from digital ad campaigns have lightning-quick attention spans. Make sure the content one your landing page is relevant to the ad that is linked it. Users want to see the exact thing they searched for or have seen in an ad, and if you don’t give that information to them in the exact moment they arrive on your landing page, you run the risk of losing them.


Although we only scratched the surface of the possible landing page optimization recommendations, the main idea remains constant throughout. Brands who want to use the power of digital advertising to generate leads for their business should make their landing pages as inviting and relevant as possible for users. After all, isn’t your end goal to make users consume the information on your page and prompt them to complete your desired conversion? Our digital media buyers love collaboration, so choose The Ward Group as your digital partner today!

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