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Extra, Extra: How Newsprint Can Still Be Effective for Today’s Ad Campaigns

In the age of YouTube channels, blogs, and social media, it may seem like traditional forms of advertising, such as newspapers, have become obsolete. However, this is far from the truth. Using newsprint in advertising today can still be a unique way to reach niche demographics and convey more detailed information than other media vehicles.

Older Age Groups

While Gen Z and millennials may turn to Twitter, email newsletters, or other online sources for their news, many older age segments still rely on newspapers as their primary source of current events. A Pew Research Center survey found that 69% of adults over the age of 65 read a print newspaper regularly, compared to just 16% of adults under the age of 30. This makes newsprint a valuable advertising tool for companies targeting retirees or senior citizens.

Small-Town Markets

Newspapers also continue to be a go-to source of information in smaller, more rural markets where internet access may be limited and more traditional values are espoused. In these areas, newspapers are often the primary source of local & world news, and local businesses use them as a platform to advertise their products, services, and events.

People who live in small town communities have different priorities, politics, needs, and spending habits compared to your average suburbanite or big city dweller. If your product or service resonates with those demographics, newsprint can be a great vehicle for your messaging.

More Information and More Credibility

One of the biggest advantages of using newspapers in advertising is their ability to convey more information than other forms of media. While digital ads are often limited to a few lines of text or a single graphic, newspaper ads can combine compelling copy and real-life photos to create a more comprehensive message. This allows advertisers to provide more context about their products or services and better capture the attention of their target audience.

Additionally, print ads offer a strong credibility factor. Consumers tend to trust print ads more than other forms of advertising that may appear “quick and cheap”, such as TV commercials or online pop-up ads. This trust can be invaluable for companies looking to establish themselves as high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy.

Longer Shelf Life

Another benefit of using newspapers in advertising is their longer shelf life compared to other advertising options. A banner ad on a website disappears once a user clicks on another page, and even videos or memes have a short shelf life. In contrast, print ads can live on for many years in the pages of a magazine or newspaper, providing a constant reminder of the product or service being advertised.

This is why print ads can be particularly effective for long-term marketing strategies and brand awareness. For example, a company that wants to establish an enduring brand identity may choose to invest in print ads as part of its marketing mix, even though it may not grant them immediate sales or results. By creating a consistent look and message across a series of print ads, the company can establish a recognizable brand that will stay with the consumer long after the ad has been seen.

Engaged Audience

Finally, newspapers provide advertisers with a captive, engaged audience. Unlike digital ads, which can be blocked or skipped over, newspaper readers are typically more engaged and focused on the content in front of them. This means they are more likely to read and pay attention to ads that are placed alongside the news and information they are seeking. Consumers who are open to reading long-form content are willing to give your message much more of a chance when they come across it.

In conclusion, while digital advertising may be the new norm, using newspapers in your marketing plan today can still be a great way to communicate with older or more rural demographics, reach a captive audience, and position your brand as knowledgeable and trustworthy. So, before writing off newspapers as an outdated medium, consider how they may still fit into your advertising strategy and help you reach your target audience. And if you need assistance in this area, your Media Stewards at The Ward Group are ready to help!

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