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Multicultural advertising centers on the audience rather than the media channel. The objective is to organize specific initiatives within a media campaign that will more effectively get your message in front of the appropriate segments of the population, whether it be African-American, Hispanic, Asian or other ethnic audiences. Within cultural segments, distinct subgroups exist. Media planners and buyers can hone in on different cross-sections of a given group of people based on generation, level of assimilation and other characteristics.


The Ward Group first determines if multicultural media buying techniques are even necessary for your brand. We find out how much of your target audience you currently reach through general market advertising and how many more you can reach through targeted multicultural methods. As media stewards, we take the time to form a deep understanding of the audience we are targeting to learn their culture, language, interests and preferred entertainment channels. Because this form a media planning does not depend on medium, we can utilize audio, video, print, digital and out of home resources. Is a multicultural approach right for your brand? Schedule a meeting with us today to find out.



Our multicultural advertising services are part of the holistic approach to media planning and buying that we provide for each client. Media planning that considers the potential influence that different ethnic groups can have on the outcome of your campaigns can identify opportunities that may expand your brand and grow your business. We begin by taking a look at your own consumer data to figure out where multicultural advertising fits into the equation. We may arrive at the media plan and then determine how much of the media mix should be geared towards specific ethnic media vehicles, or we may have a more unique plan to connect with a particular group.


Our planners and buyers carefully consider the objectives of your campaign and align our multicultural efforts to best meet them. While multicultural may not always be a necessary component of your media plan, we have the ability to help you make that determination and, if applicable, execute a strategy to get your message in front of the right audience segments in an effective manner. With over two decades of experience in building campaigns with a multicultural focus, our expertise and ongoing analysis have taught us ways to create success for the brands we serve.


Media is our lifeblood at The Ward Group. We have eaten, slept and breathed it since our founding in 1985. To connect with our dedicated team of media planners and buyers, contact us today.

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