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The Ward Group dove into the digital media waters about a decade ago, and we have been evolving our capabilities ever since. We recognize the growing popularity of digital in our clients’ media plans; in fact, it seems that just about everything in the media industry is moving towards digital in some form or fashion. Utilizing a digital media buyer can help you reel in customers at every step of their consumer journey, from generating brand awareness to nurturing leads and tracking conversions, whether they come in the form of sales, enrollments, online visits or any other conversion event.


We run digital campaigns across all platforms. From paid search/search engine marketing (SEM), mobile and desktop display ads, and paid social media to email marketing, our media planners and buyers look at the media ecosystem holistically when creating any media plan. Digital can be a cost-efficient addition to any plan, allowing for highly targeted ad placements and a wealth of tracking and analytics to help you hone your digital strategy and maximize results. Interested in exploring digital ideas for your media plan?

Paid Search/SEM

Paid Social Media

Display Ads

Email Marketing


The cost-efficiency and accessibility of digital advertising allow businesses of just about any size or type to market their brand and encourage growth. Through paid search, you’re able to target your ads to those searching for your specific brand or whose search behavior suggests they are in the market for a product or service you provide. Paid social operates similarly, allowing you to engage users on social media platforms using a variety of demographic, behavioral and contextual targeting approaches. Using digital display, you can serve your messaging to potential customers through banner ads across a variety of devices using an array of targeting tactics such as geofencing, CRM targeting, contextual targeting or lookalike audience targeting. You can even branch out beyond static text and image ads to rich media ad units that include audio, video and other engaging content for an enhanced user experience.


Unlike other types of media, digital placements, when managed correctly, are much more labor-intensive. Real-time feedback of data requires constant optimization to make the most of your media budget. At The Ward Group, each digital media buyer is involved in ongoing monitoring of digital campaigns to insure maximum results and return on ad spend (ROAS). Part of our role as media stewards is to help you establish realistic goals for your ad campaigns and provide regular reporting of the analytics to show how your campaigns are tracking toward those goals. Most businesses, especially if they have an e-commerce component, will benefit from incorporating digital into their ad spend, and we’re here to help.


As you consider how digital media could work into your advertising plans, we’d love to help you make informed decisions. Reach out to us to get started!

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